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Conlin Durbin
College Student
I was practically raised at the Greensburg Decatur County Public Library. When I was old enough I started working here and it has been an incredible learning experience and I don't think I could ask for a better job. I love the library and wish more people would appreciate how awesome it is.
Favorite Book: Whatever one I am currently reading
Currently Reading: The 4-Hour Body
Leslie Asche Thackery
Funeral Director
Some of my fondest memories of my childhood and the old library are how fun the childrens area was. The square reading area with all the stuffed mats and chairs. I would spend hours reading or the librarian would read to us. Not to mention getting to play Oregon Trail. How fun that time was. The smell of that old library is a wonderful remembrance of my childhood so impacted by the wonderful staff that encouraged me to learn and to infect other people with love and compassion! Thank you to all the wonderful library staff that introduced me to reading and to the wonderful staff that now has helped introduce all three of my children to the library!
Favorite Book: Dave Pelzer- Trilogy: Child Called It, The Lost Boy, A Man Named Dave
Currently Reading: Raising Great Kids by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend
Stephanie Webster
English Professor
I first remember the smell of the library--heavenly. I remember walking through grandiose doors into a bright, but dark counter. I remember the feel of the wood as I curled my little fingers around it. I do remember barely being able to peek over the edge. I fondly remember dear Mrs. Parker and her welcoming hugs. I also remember FINALLY being old enough to go left at the bottom of the stairs and get a Nancy Drew book from the young adult section while Mom and Nathan perused the children's section. The first library card I had that was mine stayed in my purse until I was a teenager. I was so sad (that isn't a strong enough word) when the Carnegie one was shut down, leaving the denizens of Greensburg one less historic sight to marvel over and with which to be proud. Many, many fond memories were had there in the walks to and from, sitting of squares of carpet for "story time" and all the activities I participated in at that old, majestic building.
Favorite Book: Oh dear! Just one? Bram Stoker's Dracula
Currently Reading: Alice I Have Been
Jerran Jackson
Serving on the Library Board allowed me to observe the inner workings of the Library. I am very impressed with the quality of service and the dedication our Library staff provides. They help our patrons and our community with active kindness. Kudos to our Library Staff!
Favorite Book: The Mystery of Marriage by Mike Mason
Currently Reading: Red Hot and Righteous by Diane Winston