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New Books This Month at the Library

Did You Know:

  • You can click an item’s title or image on this page to view the item in the catalog. From there, you can place a hold on it or keep track of it by adding it to a list!
  • You can click an author’s name to view their recent works.
  • You can send us a purchase request if the item you are looking for is not in our catalog!
  • Almost all the materials we own (even DVD’s) can freely transit among the Greensburg library, the Westport branch library, and the Bookmobile! Want to pick up an item at the Westport library or on the bookmobile? No problem! Select your desired pickup location when placing a hold online, or let us know when you place a hold by phone.

This Week's New Books

Call NumberAuthorTitleDate Added to Collection
FIC BERGMANNBergmann, EmanuelThe Trick1/11/2018
BIO BIDENBiden, Joseph RPromise Me, Dad1/11/2018
BIO DANIELSDaniels, CharlieNever Look At The Empty Seats1/10/2018
LP FIC GINDERGinder, GrantThe People We Hate At The Wedding1/11/2018
FIC HADLEYHadley, TessaBad Dreams And Other Stories1/11/2018
FIC KENEALLYKeneally, ThomasCrimes Of The Father1/11/2018
FIC MELTONMelton, MarlissCode Of Silence1/12/2018
FIC MELTONMelton, MarlissLong Gone1/12/2018
LP MYS MOOREMoore, LizThe Unseen World1/11/2018
SF MORRALLMorrall, ClareWhen The Floods Came1/11/2018
FIC POCHODAPochoda, IvyWonder Valley1/11/2018
LP FAN POOREPoore, MichaelReincarnation Blues1/12/2018
LP FIC ROONEYRooney, KathleenLillian Boxfish Takes A Walk1/12/2018
FIC SCOTCHScotch, Allison WinnBetween Me And You1/12/2018
BIO TANTan, AmyWhere The Past Begins1/11/2018
HOM-CKG 641.5 ELLA Ella's Kitchen The Easy Family Cookbook1/11/2018
Oversize 910.202 CITIES The Cities Book1/11/2018

This Week's New DVD's

Call NumberTitleDate Added to Collection
DVD ONE100 Below Zero1/12/2018
DVD AMEAmelia Earhart1/12/2018
DVD CHRChristmas Child1/12/2018
DVD DECDecline & Fall1/12/2018
DVD DELDelicious Series 11/12/2018
DVD MARMark Felt1/12/2018
DVD MARMarshall1/12/2018
DVD NOVNovember Criminals1/12/2018
DVD STRStranger Things Season 11/12/2018
DVD FORThe Foreigner1/12/2018
DVD UNAUna1/12/2018
Call Number Abbreviations
FIC = Fiction###.## (eg. 123.45) = Non-Fiction
BIO = BiographyMYS = Mystery
WES = WesternLP = Book has large print
CD = Compact DiscCDBK = Audiobook
HOM-CKG = CookbookSF / FAN = Science Fiction / Fantasy
WSPT = Item can be found at the Westport branch libraryBKMB = Item can be found on our Bookmobile
SC = Story CollectionLOC = Local Interest Collection
GN = Graphic NovelGUIDE = Video Game Guides